30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 24 – Walking Through Your Hometown

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 24: House of Mirrors – Write a poem that is narratively logical from start to finish and vice versa. For an extra challenge try writing two poems, weaving the lines together, and then adapting words to make it viable in both directions.


Walking Through Your Hometown

You walk down the street
past the cars stuck in traffic
waiting for the train to move on,
past the pizza joint
that has been the setting of
many awkward first dates,
past the coffee shop
where the barista you once knew
has grown a huge beard that makes him
nearly unrecognizable,
past the musicians busking to
nearly empty streets–they stop you
to ask you why no one else is walking by,
past the little girls playing in the gazebo
you once loved when you were a child,
past the same bench you sat in
the day of high school graduation
watching the fountain–the calm before the storm.
You stop and take a deep breath–pausing to remember.

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