Updates on My Own Writing and Publishing Journey

Well, I’m really doing well lately with my frequency of blog posts! *end sarcasm*

I suppose I’ve been quiet because there hasn’t been much news on the publishing front for me. This isn’t unusual, though. A good deal of getting a book published looks something like this:


I have, however, been doing some writing. I wrote a short young adult novella. STORYBOARDS is a novella about teenage filmmaker, Paige, who is also known as an “unintentional matchmaker”. While making her first short film for her college admissions portfolio and her ex-boyfriend-turned-best-friend starts dating the lead actress in her movie, she is forced to overcome her own personal drama to complete her film.

My agent and I have been submitting this to the few places that accept novellas of that size, but it’s likely that I will self-publish it if I can’t find a good home for the story. I am quite proud of it, and I want to share it! (I could say the same about THE MUSES, my debut young adult novel, but I am convinced that one will soon get picked up by a good traditional publisher, and my agent still agrees!)

I am also working on the untitled sequel to THE MUSES. I am trying to figure out a title for that one, but titles have never been my strong suit. When I was working on the play, THE SPINS, it was called WHATEVER THE TITLE IS for a good two or three months. Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods and goddesses, is a more significant setting in this one, though, so I’m toying with somehow incorporating that into the title.

I am also toying with a few more e-books to write and self-publish. I get asked so often how I am able to survive with my full-time freelance editing, writing, and marketing so I thought I might write a “how I quit my day job” type e-book. I also thought I might write an e-book about how to write good web content. I think both of these books would have a wide potential audience and they would be nice side projects I could work on while writing my Mount Olympus book.

Other than that, I’ve been doing a ton of editing. I’ve been editing everything from vampire novels to erotic thrillers to memoirs and self-help books. Also, I am going to be editing a Chicken Soup for the Soul type book that my church is putting together, which I am very excited about. Editing is something that I enjoy very much. I love being able to help other writers to make their books the best they can possibly be. I love passing on the things I have learned about the craft of writing to other authors. And I find that with every book that I edit, not only do I help that particular author to tell his or her story in a better way, but I improve my own writing.

So that’s basically everything that’s going on in my writing world.

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