30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 20 – Tuesday Morning

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 20: Resurrecting the Past – Write a narrative poem that brings an actual historical event to back life.  


Tuesday Morning

Taking a quiz in junior math class,
the teacher walked out of the room
when we were finished.
A popular girl next to me
turned around to her friend.
She said, “Do you know the World Trade Center
is on FIRE?” with the excitement of a tabloid
photographer who has just discovered
two celebrities in the middle
of an affair, ready to break the story
before anyone else.

The bell rang, and I went to drama class.
The auditorium was empty, and I was redirected
towards an English classroom.
When we entered, the television was on,
and Mr. Jones stared at the screen in horror,
completely speachless for once.
We all stood beside him with tears
in our eyes, watching as the towers
crumpled–first one, then the other–enveloping
New York City in smoke–we clutched each
other’s hands, knowing the world would never
be the same.

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