30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 27 – There Isn’t Any Nostalgia Here



30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 27: Active Imagination – Close your eyes and try to recall a time you were alone in nature. See the sights, hear the sounds, and breathe in the scents that were present in the setting. Write a poem prompted by your sense of smell.


There Isn’t Any Nostalgia Here

There isn’t any nostalgia here.
Hiking up the hill that we call a
mountain in this suburban town,
the scents of Spring engulf me,
and it smells like new beginnings.

The Georgia pines breathe new cells
into my bloodstream.
The sticky sweat on my brow
gives me a sense of perpetual motion.
We are new people every day.

I don’t miss the way we looked at each other
in between the notes we played with a telepathic knowledge.
I don’t miss driving to the hotel
to let her dress me up any way she wanted in glitter and bikinis
for the Rocky Horror Picture Show
when I shrugged and said, “it’s only once a year.”
I don’t miss the film we made on this very mountain
and the way we paid the eight-person crew
in slices from Little Ceasers and ham sandwiches.
I don’t miss the rooftops of San Miguel,
throwing our papers into the bonfire on the last night.

I don’t miss any of the fleeting tribes
that once called me a member
but now busy themselves with other things.

I take a deep breath and inhale
new beginnings, willing myself to
stop looking back.

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