Write What You Want to Write


So many writers spend too much time thinking about publishing trends. Maybe you see the success of books like THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT so you think, “I should really try writing a YA dystopian novel!” Or maybe you’ve seen Continue reading Write What You Want to Write

Writing Process and NaNoWriMo


So two years ago, when I was writing THE MUSES, I wrote roughly 100 pages before I figured out what was actually supposed to happen in the story. Then I scratched everything I had written and started over. Maybe this is just Continue reading Writing Process and NaNoWriMo

Writing Process Blog Tour


My lovely writer friend from grad school, Rachel Pollock, tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. Rachel is a super awesome writer of non-fiction, fiction, plays, and poetry as well as being a fellow Morrissey/Smiths fan. 🙂 Check out Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour