30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 3 – Shadow Self

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 3: Open to Interpretation – What does the word “shadow” mean to you? Write a poem about it.



Shadow Self

The world is getting bright–warmer–all
around me
the insects are buzzing, the leaves
are soaking in the atoms of the
Universe, the squirrels scurry through
the grass, and lazy lovers lie on blankets
in the park, sipping lemonade.

I am enjoying the sun and her
marvelous rays like a blanket.
But the more she shines on me,
the darker my shadow is–creeping around
me, reminding me of all I’ve lost–
making me feel

All I can do is look away
and try not to feel its presence,
but it’s always there
beside me.
I will never lose it.
I am not Peter Pan after all.

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