30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 25 – Rookery

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 25: A quorum of… hedgehogs?: Groupings of living things (other than humans) have very specific and often interesting names; a murder of crows and a gaggle of geese are a few of the more common animal collective nouns. Do some research and write a poem where you re-appropriate one of these terms in an unusual way. (http://buff.ly/1eXODDx)


Apparently, a group of albatrosses is called a “rookery.” I wrote an anagrammatic poem.


Rain falls hard between my fingertips and
on top of the albatross who sits across from us,
overlooking this quiet town as you
kick an empty beer can down the road.
Everyone who grows up here wants to escape to far-off adventures.
Race me through the town square. Let’s ditch gym and go skinny dipping.
You are my adventure.

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