30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 10 -Play

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 10: Resonance – Some words have many meanings, like “resonance,” for example. Consult a dictionary for a word that resonates with you and has multiple meanings. Incorporate the definition/s into a poem. You can identify the word itself, or not. 



On the stage,
we portray different characters.
Sometimes we stand in the background
of someone else’s story, shouting a line or two
on occasion. Sometimes
we are
center stage
naked and vulnerable
for everyone to see.

As children,
we pretend to be someone else.
I’ll be the mother,
you be the father, and then
we’ll switch.
We understand roles are like costumes
and we can put them on and take them off
as we please.

With instruments,
we pick out notes that describe
the parts of our souls
we cannot express in language.

In a game,
we push and pull
at each other
until one is left standing,
the other on the ground
so we can pick ourselves up
and start again.

When we are active,
we move, we maneuver, we operate,
we imagine, we engage,
we are truly alive.

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