My Twilight screenplay proposal made the Top 40! Help me out with a vote!


Hey everyone!

So I recently posted about entering a screenplay proposal in the Twilight Storytellers competition (where female filmmakers are given the opportunity to write and/or direct five short films set in the Twilight universe). They just announced that my screenplay proposal has made the TOP 40! Out of 1,278 submissions! I am so stoked! 

In the next phase of the competition, everyone will vote for their favorites, and the 40 finalists will be narrowed down to 20 finalists. The top 20 will win a cash prize and be given the chance to submit their full screenplays. I would really, really like to be one of those 20 so that I can submit the screenplay I’ve already started writing.

If you want to vote:

1. Visit
2. Create a Tongal account by clicking “Create an account” in the top right corner (this is just a page where you enter your e-mail, name, birthday, and create a password – they won’t send you any e-mails so don’t worry)
3. Click the red box that says “Vote Now”
4. Rate all 40 submissions HONESTLY – be sure to “favorite” mine (“At the Stake – Working Title”) though by clicking the heart on the right
5. Click on the blue button in the top right that says “Great! Finish voting” or something to that extent.

*EDIT* I just read that in order for a person’s vote to count, they must “rate” all 40 submissions (one star, two stars, three stars, four stars, five stars, or a heart – which means it’s your favorite). So. If any of you do want to go back and rate all 40 submissions, please do so HONESTLY. (Don’t give 39 one stars and mine the only heart.) If you think one is good, give it four or five stars. If you think one would not make a great film, give it one or two stars. You can “favorite” up to four (I think) by clicking the heart.

Thank you for your support!

(Here’s my full proposal if you’re interested.)

At the Stake – Working Title

In a Gregory Maguire-esque exploration of perspective, a terrified Jane and a seemingly stoic Alec, are imprisoned following an accusation of murder by witchcraft. Authorities drag them into a field where stakes have been mounted. Their parents plead, but charges of witchcraft are read against them, and they are mounted to the stakes. The fire is ignited, and they begin to burn in excruciating pain. In a sudden, heroic motion, Aro bursts through the crowd, snapping necks, and rescuing the twins.

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