30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 19 – Listening to Slowdive

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 19: Synesthesia – Synesthesia is defined as “the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.” Which of the five senses do you feel most strongly influences your creative mind? Many synesthetics describe being able to “taste” colors–imagine for a moment your wires are crossed and one sense is activating another. Write a poem about it.


Listening to Slowdive

I close my eyes.
Listen close and don’t be stoned,
I’ll be there in the morning.
I peel back the layers one by one
and see the swirling colors of the guitars
in pinks that fade into blues and purples,
I see the booming waves
that fly down with every hit of the drums.
Alison, I’m lost.
His vocal melodies are like smooth drips of
caramel on my tongue,
calling me to be something greater
than I am.


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