Last Day of the 30 Day Challenge!

Well, there you go. 30 consecutive days of blogging!

This 30-day blog challenge was a lot of fun for me, and there were definitely days that it was a *real challenge*. I wrote about a number of things–lots of literary topics and music posts. I even got a little bit personal with my posts about being awkward and sometimes feeling like crap as an artist. I even revealed to the world which 5 fictional characters whose fictional babies I would have. (Fictional babies: the only kind of babies I will EVER be having!)

Most importantly, though, this challenge kept me blogging for 30 days and it kept me thinking about what kind of content I want to post on my blogs. I acquired some new readers (hi!) because of some of these posts, I was more engaged with the online community as a whole, and it gave me a chance to practice what I preach, which is important to me–especially when I just released an e-book asking participants to write for 30 days.

So thank you for following along with my 30 days of blogging! Below, I have included a list of all 30 days and links to the post for each day. (I split up my posts between this blog and my personal blog.) I have even bolded the best posts so for those of you who didn’t get to read all of them, those are the best ones!

Day 1 – Reconnecting with Music
Day 2 – Is There a Wrong Way to Cover a Song? 
Day 3 – Go Experience Some ART!
Day 4 – Empathy and Point of View – Stepping Outside of Your Cultural Identity as a Writer 
Day 5 – Being Comfortable With Being Awkward 
Day 6 – 5 Places That Make Marietta, Georgia Awesome
Day 7 – Celebrating Our Social Progress on MLK Day
Day 8 – To Self-Promote or Not To Self-Promote? Marketing Tips For Writers and Artists
Day 9 – Four Ways an English Degree Will Help You In Any Job
Day 10 – The Art of Doing Nothing
Day 11 – Thoughts on Self-Publishing: Where Do You Stand?
Day 12 – It’s Effing Cold Mixy
Day 13 – Enthusiasm for Young Adult Literature
Day 14 – 5 of My Favorite Well-Written TV Shows
Day 15 – Things I Learned From My Parents
Day 16 – SnowJam 2014 – Grateful For All The Helpers
Day 17 – Cabin Fever Writing Prompts
Day 18 – 10 Signs You Are Meant To Be a Writer 
Day 19 – 5 Young Adult Books I Want To Read in 2014
Day 20 – stream of consciousness
Day 21 – Being an Artist Even When It Makes You Feel Like Crap 
Day 22 – Open Mic Night: Finding Your Voice
Day 23 – A List of Things I Could Write About
Day 24 – Why Do You Write?
Day 25 – My New E-book: The 30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 26 – My Top 5 Literary Crushes
Day 27 – 4 Blogs You Should Check Out
Day 28 – My 10 Favorite Songs (Currently)
Day 29 – The Ultimate Self-Promotional List of Art I Have Created So Far
Day 30 – Last Day of the 30 Day Challenge!


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