30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 17 – Julian

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 17: De-personification – Often in poems, authors will give animate qualities to inanimate objects to add color to an image or scene. See if you can write a poem about something animate (like a person, an animal, or an insect) and describe him/her/it using inanimate objects.

When you live with cats, no object is inanimate. So today I decided to write about my cat, Julian.



The little bell around her fluffy neck rings
as she paws at ink pens I have on the table.
When this bores her, she uses her teeth to
pull thumbtacks out of the wall.
My calendar falls to the floor with a thud.
She creeps over to her water bowl
and spills it all over the floor
for no reason and then looks up at me
before crawling under my coffee table
to take a nap on my shoe.

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