30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 6 – Inspire Me, Please

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 6: Grab Bag – Find a collection of something: buttons in a jar, a deck of cards, a bowl of fruit, a shelf of books. At random, choose an item from the collection. Write a short poem about it.


Inspire Me, Please

In one of my huge books
of CDs, there are hundreds
of mixies I made for various
people or reasons or moods or occasions
back before Spotify playlists, but slightly after

I choose one
titled “Inspire Me Please – a mixy to write to”
and press play on my CD player.
Immediately upon hearing the Beck song from
Eternal Sunshine,
I know this must be from 2004 or 2005 at
the latest.
Mix CDs are time capsules–they are
always more honest than

Then there are songs from Cocteau Twins, Radiohead,
Echo and the Bunnymen, and Spiritualized that
I still listen to frequently.
Both Bjork and Sigur Ros make two appearances
on the compilation.
Others take me a moment to recognize:
Art of Noise and a song from the Cirque du Soleil soundtrack (Alegria? Maybe?).

One song I don’t recognize at all–some indie band who
mumbles the lyrics so I can’t even Google them.
I probably only listened to them for a short time, and
I’ll probably never listen to them again.
Their songs have become the trees falling in the forest
when no one else is around.

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