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I know a lot of people who want to support the independent musicians, artists, filmmakers, writers, etc., but they don’t really know where to start. If you are an art lover and always looking for the next awesome thing, support the artists you love! If they aren’t able to sustain themselves, they may break up the band or stop touring or not be able to write as much, etc. If you are an artist, support your fellow artists! Also, it’s just good karma. If you go to a lot of shows, it’s more likely some of those musicians will support you when the time comes. If you Tweet about other bloggers, they will probably Tweet about your blogs.

Do you have to have money, though, to support the artists? Well, it helps, but no. There are some free ways you can help the artists, too. Here are a few suggestions:

Go to Their Events

This one’s a no brainer, but musicians make a lot more money off of live performances than recorded music, these days. (Usually.) So go see them when you can! Go to readings if you want to support writers. Go to independent film festivals. Go to art exhibits. Go to local music shows or local theatre. There are cheap ways to do this, too. Typically, you can usher at plays, for example, and you may be able to get into music venues by volunteering or doing some free marketing for the band. Plus, there are always free events. Check your local newspaper, local blogs, local magazines, etc. And you may be exposed to fun, new activities this way or awesome, new experiences. Plus your girlfriend will think you are super cool if you take her to a play on your first date.

Buy Merch Directly From Artists

This one is really important for musicians. Streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are great, but the musicians only make pennies. (Although, if you are streaming just music and not videos, Spotify is a better choice than YouTube. The musicians do make some money there.) If you are going to purchase an album, instead of using iTunes or Amazon, go directly to the artist’s website and buy their music there. The artists will get to keep all of the money, and they may even send you a personalized or autographed poster or something! Writers, filmmakers, and visual artists typically make their art available for purchase on their websites, too, although not always.

Contribute to Crowd Funding Campaigns

If you do have money to spare, consider contributing to campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding sites. Whenever I have extra money, I always fund the artistic projects that I can. I consider it my form of “tithing.” Even if you can only donate 5 bucks, every little bit helps. And hey, I guarantee you that 5 bucks will mean WAY more to an independent artist counting the penies underneath her couch that it would mean to Starbucks for handing you an overpriced frappucino! (Not that those aren’t tasty…)

Leave Positive Reviews on Amazon, iTunes, Goodreads, etc.

This doesn’t cost any money! If you like a book written by an independent author, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads! If you like an album from your favorite local singer/songwriter, leave a review on iTunes! I can’t stress how important this is. The more positive reviews someone has on these outlets, the more visible that artist becomes. Books on Amazon, for example, are given higher positions in the search results when they have more positive reviews. So this is a really easy, fast, free way to help the artists!

Tell Your Friends!

Another free one. You’d be surprised just how much sharing an independent film on your blog or Facebook or Twitter can mean to the filmmaker. If you like a piece of art, talk about it! Tell your friends! If a graphic designer does a great job for you, refer him to your friends who may need his services. There are a million ways to tell people you know about independent artists.

There you go! A few ways you can help the starving artists!

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