30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 2 – House Cleaner

30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 2: Making Connections – Incorporate a phrase you encounter digitally (e.g. in an email, a text message, via blog, etc.) into a poem about a topic of your choice.



House Cleaner

Every Tuesday at 9:30 AM, she comes
to your house with
all of her chemicals and supplies.
She pulls her stringy blonde hair
into a messy bun
and sprays Windex
on your bathroom mirror.
She studies the photographs
framed on the wall
before mopping the white tiles.
In your living room,
she quietly dusts off your coffee table
and neatly places your mail
in a stack on top–memorizing the details she needs.
Robin Hood daydreams run through
her mind as she runs a vacuum cleaner
across the carpet.
She makes your bed
and gently fluffs the pillows, inhaling your scent
with a subtle grin.
Your deepest secrets become fair game–she sweeps
them under your favorite blue rug in the kitchen,
waiting for the perfect moment to make herself known.

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