30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 8 – Funeral for an Indie Rocker

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 8: Dream Recall – Think about any dream that you can vividly recall and interpret it into a poem.


Funeral for an Indie Rocker

The rock star of my adolescence
was dead.
We all gathered for his
funeral, wearing vinyl pants
and glitter, just the way he would have liked it.
At least, the way he would have liked it
in 1999.

I played a cover of one of his
songs at the funeral.
How do you feel about that?
How do you like it when they touch your face and turn the page
and make you feel like a waste of space?
I was never a waste of space when listening
to his vocal melodies
over high-energy power chords
and no one else understood back then
except our little group
of wannabe rockers, wearing fuzzy pants and jncos
to school, playing down our good grades so no one would
know we were smart, taking naps
by our lockers on the cold linoleum floor.

When I woke, I felt relief and checked his blog
to make sure he hadn’t really died.
And I listened to the old songs
we used to play. I wanted to call them–my old friends,
but looked at their Facebook pages instead.


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