30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 16 – Fleeting

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 16: Too Hard – What kind of poem is too hard to write? A love poem? A sestina? A poem about a subject you’ve been avoiding? Write a hard poem. Don’t worry about perfection or success, just give it a go.

I thought writing a serious sonnet might be “too hard” so that’s what I did. (I have only ever written “joke” sonnets.)



When I look back, I cannot help but see
a collage of moments disregarded:
the night we saw ourselves in the birch tree,
when we found territory uncharted.

Or the day you drove my car to the shore,
Listening to Beatles tunes all the way…
Or when I collasped in tears on the floor
Begging, pleading, but he still walked away.

They picked me up and helped me to heal,
Sending my spirit soaring across dawn.
Now you and he and they have all revealed
Absence will always force us to be strong.

The fleeting quality of living things
Propels us forward upon broken wings.

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