Drifting – A Poem from Yesterday’s Writing Exercise

I was thinking about my writing exercise when I came across this image and it made me want to write a poem.





Give me a lazy afternoon,
eyelids fluttering,
struggle to stay awake
on the couch–hear the
laugh track on the sit-com
in the background
floating in between
hazy cold medicine dreams of what once was
floating down the Chattahoochee River–deeper
than we remember, with water that’s much
too salty for
fresh water.
Eyes shooting open in a panic.
You were dreaming
Should we go back to sleep?
Is that the neighbor playing violin upstairs or
the sound of the rain
drip, drip, dripping
or my other neighbor
coughing on his patio?
We should be concerned,
but we fall back, drifting away again.

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