Cabin Fever Writing Prompts

30 day blog challenge – day 17


Well, if you live in Atlanta (or much of the South) and you have been affected by all of this winter weather, you may be getting cabin fever by now. I am on day 3 now and starting to get antsy! Snow days are great for writing, though. So whether or not you use these now or you keep them in your pocket for the next time you are forced inside for a day or two, here are some cabin fever writing prompts:

– Write a short children’s book about your favorite animal. Give him or her a name. What sort of adventures would he or she go on? What kind of animal sidekick friends would he or she have? What sort of things would he or she want to achieve? What kind of obstacles might he or she face?

– Write a review of the last book you read. What did you like about it? What did you not like about it? What were the author’s strengths and weaknesses? What did you think about the plot? What did you think about the characters? Were there any times when the book didn’t keep your interest?

– Write an alternate ending. Pick a book, TV show, or movie that you quite enjoyed but had an ending you didn’t like. Write the ending the way you think it should have happened.

– Write a poem about an inanimate object in your room right now. What does the object look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like? (All of these may not apply.) What does the object make you feel or remind you of? Do you enjoy the object or not?

– Write an unsent letter to someone you don’t know or some animal or inanimate object you can’t actually talk to. It can be a celebrity or a politician. You can write a letter to your dog or your cat. Write a letter to your car. Write a letter to your cell phone. Write a letter to your pillow. Be creative.

There you go. Next time you are going out of your mind with boredom because you can’t leave the house, you can work on your writing skills and have some fun with one of these prompts.

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