Busting Through Writer’s Block


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Alright, so maybe I feel a little hypocritical right now talking about how to get over writer’s block when I seem to be going through a bit of writer’s block myself.

My problem isn’t so much that I’m blocked. It’s just that after working all day as a freelance writer/internet marketer – which typically involves a lot of writing – it can be really difficult to want to sit down at a computer (when I’ve been staring at a computer screen all day) and work on my own stuff. But I have been in this situation before, and I always get out of it. So the advice I’m sharing with you is also advice that I will be following myself. And I will let you know how it goes!

Do Some Stream of Consciousness Writing

This is where you pick up your journal or you open up a new document in Word and you just start writing. This is when you write things like “Oh my God, I really want a turkey sandwich and what do you think he meant when he said that last comment about how my voice gets squeaky and sometimes I wish I were a cat so I could sleep all day.” It will be rambly. It will be boring to others (don’t show it to anyone!). It will be silly. However, it’s important. Because the goal is just to get you writing again. Write about why you feel blocked. Is there a particular story or project  you just can’t bring yourself to work on? What do you want to write about instead? Write about how you’re feeling. Write about where you wish you were. Write about how much you don’t want to get up early tomorrow. Write about how you think your cat’s snoring. Whatever. Just write. 

Do Something Active

This almost always works for me. Go for a walk. Have a one-person dance party in your underwear. Ride your bike. Go for a jog. Lift some weights at the gym. Take a yoga class. Just get off your butt and do something. Often, getting the blood flowing and activating our bodies is a great way to activate our minds. I get a lot of ideas when I go for walks, especially when I listen to music, which I will be doing when I finish this post.

Work on Your Technique

Alright, so maybe you feel blocked with your novel or your play. Forget about the big project for a second. This is a good time to revisit those creative writing books, creative writing blogs (like this one!), or writing groups. Find some writing prompts and exercises that you can do. Make sure they are short projects so that you can complete them. Simply finishing a writing project can make you feel better and unblock you on the big projects. Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed by the idea of this HUGE NOVEL that we freeze up. But a 5-page short story? That’s easy enough. Completing small projects makes you feel better about yourself as a writer, which may help you to un-freeze with the big projects.

Do Something Else That Inspires You

Just forget all about the novel or your writing. Forget about it. It doesn’t exist. Okay? Okay, good. Now go pick up your favorite book – the one that inspired you to start writing in the first place. Or turn on an episode of Breaking Bad. (Come on, the writing in that show is amazing.) Or listen to an album that always inspires you. Let yourself get completely lost in the feelings that come with watching, reading, or listening to some of your favorite art. More often than not, that will lead you back to the reason you started that project in the first place.

Alright, so get to it! I’m going to. 🙂

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