30 Day Poetry Challenge – Day 11- A Quiet Life

30 Day Poetry Challenge – Receipt – Locate a receipt that lists more than 3 items. Use each item listed on the receipt as a word (or words) in a line of a poem. Each item should get its own line.


A Quiet Life

In the morning, he feeds the cat
wet cat food while eating a granola
bar and reading the news on his
lap top. He gets in his car and
drives to the office, listening
to NPR and squinting in the morning
sunlight. At lunch time, he heats up a
frozen pizza and eats it quietly at
his desk. He doesn’t talk to his
co-workers. At the day’s end, he
gets in his car and drives back
home, snacking on pretzels he had
forgotten were in his bag. In the evening,
he drinks a glass of lemonade
while watching his favorite sit-coms
before he goes to bed with the cat
curled up on top of him, dreaming
of the ocean waters and ships that drift
further out than he can imagine.

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