4 Blogs You Should Check Out

30 day blog challenge – day 27


So this blog is not all about “me, me, me” (clearly) so I’m going to write about five other blogs that are awesome.

Addicted 2 Novels – For those of you who are (like me) book-a-holics, especially if you are into young adult books – definitely check out this blog! They have turned me on to a number of great books!

Target Audience Magazine – Full disclosure: I recently posted a guest blog post for them. This is a DIY marketing blog for artists full of some great resources. I love marketing, and I love art, so it’s only natural that I would love this blog. 🙂

HelloGiggles – This blog needs no promotion from me as Zooey Deschanel was one of the founders, and it has a huge readership. But nonetheless, there are some great writers on here. They post about a wide variety of topics including pop culture, the arts, and social issues. And they will make you laugh!

Rainbow Rowell’s blog – It’s no secret that Rainbow Rowell is my new favorite YA author (or maybe author in general), and so her blog is of course just as spectacular as her books are.

There you have it. Four blogs I love!

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