10 Signs You Are Meant to Be a Writer

30 day blog challenge – day 18

1. You write on your lunch break.ย Sort of like I’m doing now?


Mmm greasy fries.

2. You’ve been known to bring your journal with you to church… or to the coffee shop… or to the bar… or to the thrift store. Basically anywhere.


Give me another whiskey…

3. You’ve had this conversation at 4 AM:
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Hold on, I just have to write this idea down really quick, and then I’ll turn off my lamp.”
“You said that 30 minutes ago.”


“Just one more sentence…”

4. You are known to randomly laugh and say, “Oh, I was just thinking about something my character did.”



5. If, by chance, you don’t have your journal with you, you are not above writing on napkins, receipts, or your hand if necessary.

napkin writing 2

Don’t spill the whiskey!

6. You’ve gotten into arguments about the Oxford comma.

7. You record really awkward spoken word journal entries and ideas on your phone while driving. (Because the last time you tried writing and driving, you almost hit someone.)


That tree wasn’t there yesterday!

8. When you see a stranger who looks like one of your characters, you can’t help but get excited, which sometimes leads to this person thinking you’re hitting on them. (But you’re really not.)


9. You frequently have to stop yourself from correcting the grammar, spelling, and punctuation on friends’ Facebook posts.


10. You’ve been criticized and rejected over 500 times, and you still keep writing.


11 thoughts on “10 Signs You Are Meant to Be a Writer

  1. That was so funny! Probably because I’ve done nearly ALL of them. Thanks for the laugh. I had a marathon writing session today and I’m beat. This may’ve given me a second wind ๐Ÿ™‚

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