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Sometimes, it’s good to switch up your writing location. You may be more creative with a change of scenery. Some people write better in public places, some people write better in a place where they can concentrate and be quiet, and some people write better outdoors in nature. Try writing in different locations to see which ones are your favorites. So pick up your journal or laptop and try writing in places like:

1. In the laundromat. Not only is the laundromat a great place to people watch, but the humming of the washer and dryer machines in the background creates a nice little soundtrack to write to.

2. In the car. (While someone else is driving obviously.) I love writing when I’m in a moving vehicle. There is something poetic about writing while you are also in motion.

3. On a bus. See above. I have done some of my best writing on buses traveling in other countries (when I took a bus from Edinburgh to Manchester, for example). It’s the perfect environment in that it’s usually relatively quiet, and you are surrounded by people but can usually be left alone if you want to be.

4. In the bar. Not everyone can write in a loud environment with drunken people all around, but I think every writer should try it at least once. I’ve gotten a lot of writing done in bars.

5. In the airport. The airport can be a source of so much inspiration. Loved ones say goodbye and reunite. Young people travel for the first time. Business people urgently rush by. You will see people of all different ages and cultural backgrounds. And don’t just wait until you are flying somewhere. Go to the airport randomly one day just to watch people and write.

6. In a park. I love being outside in a public park on a nice day to write. You can people watch and get some sun and fresh air. What more do you need?

7. In the mall. This might seem like a weird place to write, but there are a lot of interesting things going on in the mall. You might be surprised how inspiring it can be.

8. In the coffee shop. There are several coffee shops I frequent for this purpose. There’s a reason so many writers hang out in coffee shops. If you’ve never tried writing in one, I would definitely give it a shot.

9. On the porch. Sometimes all you need to do is go outside on your back porch or your front porch. You get all of the benefits of being outdoors without all of the people in a public park. If you need to concentrate or be alone to write, this might be the place for you.

10. In the library or bookstore. I find that it’s very inspirational to be surrounded by books when I’m writing. I love the smell of new books in a bookstore and the smell of old books in a library. I like to write in both of these locations and imagine my own book on the shelf.

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