There is No “One Size Fits All” Writing Advice


You might think it’s a little weird for someone who spends a lot of their non-writing time giving writing advice to essentially say, “sometimes you should forget about my advice.” But sometimes, you really should forget about my advice. All writing advice Continue reading

Write What You Want to Write


So many writers spend too much time thinking about publishing trends. Maybe you see the success of books like THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT so you think, “I should really try writing a YA dystopian novel!” Or maybe you’ve seen Continue reading

7 Ways to Start Your Career after Graduating with an English Degree


So you’ve read Austen and Shakespeare, you’ve written your term papers, you’ve written a number of short stories or poems, and now you’re the proud recipient of an English degree. Congratulations! You might be asking yourself, “but what do I Continue reading